Where we source from
A list of few cities where the company presently source products for its customers.
City Description Vendor
Chennai Formerly known as Madras, it is presently the hub for industrial activity in India. Has always been known for its textile and large leather market.
Products sourced-Woven garments, Sweaters, Leather & Allied products.
Approx 35 Factories
Erode & Salem Situated about 300 kms from Chennai, they are the center for the power loom fabrics and the process houses. Erode is also a center for raw skins.
Product scoured- Fabric, Cotton Bags and Wet blue
Approx 5 Factories
Tirupur Knit center - 90% of the India’s Tee Shirt exports are from here.
Product sourced-T shirts and other knitted garments.
Approx 15 Factories
Karur Handloom sector. Cottage industries flourish here.
Product Sources- Fabric, Made-ups etc
Approx 6 Factories
Bangalore Called the garden city of India. Has excellent finishing units for leather and textile garments. Used to be the home of the largest exporters of leather and textile garments in India.
Product Sourced- Silks, Textile & Leather garments
Approx 5 Factories
Calcutta Most populated city of India. Exports from India actually started here.
Product Sourced-Jute products, Leather & allied product
Approx 5 Factories
Delhi Capital of India. Needs no introduction for its ladies garments and accessories
Product sourced- Scarves, ties, dhurries, sweaters, knits, Textile and leather garments.
Approx 15 Factories
Mumbai Formally Bombay it is the commercial capital of India.
Product sourced – Textile, Silk & Leather products.
Approx 5 Factories
Off shore:
From time to time depending on customers requirements the company sources mainly textile products from Dubai, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
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